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How to Upgrade your Glo SIM to the Lastest for free

Glo 4G will change the way we communicate and share information. Glo is the one amongst the best Telecomm unit in Nigeria with the Best network coverage, high speed internet access, Cheap data plans and Low cost Tariff plans for callls both local and international. Glo 4G will change the way we communicate and share information.

To upgrade a Glo SIM card to the lastest network band, 4G, it is pretty easier for Glo users than MTN, Airtel and/or 9mobile. Glo offers a fast and speedy customer service, which you and I can rely on.


With the rapid changes in the world, the latest band, 5G is essential for our daily lives and activities around us. Glo as at today, been November 2020, can only offer 4G as it lastest band in NIgeria. This Network band is much more faster than usual 3G network. We hope to see Globacomm roll out 5G to the market soon.

In this article i will take through on how to get your existing Glo SIM upgraded to Glo 4G network for free and you also know why you should upgrade your line to 4G. .

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Note: for new Glo subscribers, it has already been fixed, so no need of upgrading except you have heard of Glo 5G live in Nigeria.

Why should I upgrade to Glo 4G

It is the amongst the lastest that will ease our lives in the internet and communication world.

Glo also has sets out 10GB free data all Glo customers who goes to upgrade their SIM to 4G.

4G is 10times as fast as 3G, which means shorter data transfer/sharing over the internet and in that case, saves time.

While other countries are working effectively with 5G, there also talking of the 6G network to be implemented. This is speed, and for development to spring, communication over different channels has to come forth as well.

4G is safe and in expensive to setup, as per regarding the cost for the network companies. That means it can populate larger areas in no time since it is cost effective to setup.

How to Upgrade from 3G to 4G

In order to upgrade your Glo sim to 4g you should visit nearest Glo customers service center in your area and request for upgrade of your sim to 4G.

Before you do that, I will suggest you contact glo customers care and tell them about what you want so that they can offer you the requirements.

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How To Contact Glo Customer Care Service

Simply dial 121 for glo subscribers or dial “08050020121” from other network. Connect with a customer care representative and request your:

  • Network current status
  • Nearest available customer care service center
That is all. Now, connect your way to the closest Glo center in your area. You can also reach Glo on facebook at https://facebook.com/Gloworld

What do i need to Upgrade my Glo SIM to 4G

Apparently you don’t much if you have your Glo SIM Pack available with you. But incase you don’t have it ready, just go and confirm details you will be required to come along with in place of the lost SIM pack. You can do that by calling the Glo Customer care seervice line, 121 or use the self service USSD code, *777# to get started only.

Ones you have found the nearest Glo customer care service center, please endevour to wear a nose mask to get to free pass into their office which i believe is welcoming nationwide.

The SIM upgrade usually takes less than 40minute to  complete, so even if you are a worker, make time, an hour or less to go and upgrade your Glo SIM.


Thanks for following the steps, we hope it helps. Make sure to share and encourage others to upgrade their Glo to enjoy the benefits within.

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If you have completed your SIM upgrade to 4G, Glo is giving away 10GB free data for SIM upgrade – Latest Glo Cheat 2020. simply dial 1270# after 4hours of upgrade to check your free data of upto 10GB.

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