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Union Bank transfer code: 826 – How to transfer money

Union bank transfer code allows union bank customers to send money, buy airtime, and perform many other various banking transactions without stress. Union bank transfer code allows you to transfer money from Union bank to another bank. It is also a platform, where you can easily check your account balance on the go.

Union Bank USSD code is much easier to use. It is much more important, especially when you don’t have any Smartphone that connects to the internet.

The Union Bank Transfer Code is also known as UBN transfer codes. It can also be used to generate a pay code and PIN for cardless withdrawals from ATMs.

How to create Union bank transfer pin?

Before you can continue with Union bank transfer code, you have to complete the registration and fortunately, you can easily complete the registration without stress.

Anyways, you must have an account with Union bank, before you can continue the offline registration. The Union bank transfer code is *826#.

The Union bank transfer code can not be completed and secured without the use of the 4-digits transfer pin. Union bank confirms that your security is in their best interest.

Union bank transfer pin is very very important. To create Union bank transfer pin dial *826*5# to create a transaction PIN.

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The Union bank transfer pin is very important and essential. The transaction pin is always requested when you want to complete a transaction. This is confidential, don’t disclose to others.

Please, it is always advisable to create a 4-digits transaction pin that you can easily remember. For instance, the number should be your ATM withdrawal pin. Nevertheless, you create the PIN that is different from your ATM card PIN and make sure to create something you can remember.

And yes, it is absolutely free to register for Union bank transfer code. All you have to do is to dial *826# to register.

Understand that you must dial the code from the number that was officially registered with the company. And the registration is only done once you dial the numbers for the first time.

Transfer money using Union bank transfer code

Union bank transfer to other banks is totally free. With Union bank you don’t need a data internet connection to use this service. And like they said, they love to keep it simple. This has made union bank standsout in the Nigeria banking sector and other parts of the world.

Transfer code for Union bank to Union bank

To transfer money from Union Bank to other banks dial *826*2*Amount*Account Number#. After dialing the code, then you can enter your transfer pin.

Transfer code from Union bank to other banks

Meanwhile, to transfer money from Union bank to UBN account, then you can simply dial *826*1*Amount*Account Number# and enter your transfer pin. That is all.

To confirm that the transaction was successful, you will see a pop-up message on your phone screen and SMS notification will be sent automatically to your registered phone number with the Bank.

Understand that you can only make transfers from your individual current or savings account. That means you cannot transact with the following account types: Corporate Accounts, Joint Accounts, Target Savings Accounts & Domiciliary accounts.

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The charge for fund transfer to other banks is ₦52.50 per transaction. It is free to other UBN accounts. We know you understand.

What is Union bank transfer code

Union bank transfer code allows you to transfer money from Union bank to another bank. It is also a platform, where you can easily check your account balance on the go.

Currently, almost all Nigerian banks have introduced its mobile banking and provided a transfer code for all their customers. You can also call it Union Bank Mobile Money recharge code.

Union bank transfer code is now available for all its users. And the company has made it much easier and faster for everyone in their service.

Benefits and Features

  1. You can send money to other banks
  2. You can buy airtime for yourself and others
  3. You can check your account balance
  4. You can open an account – New union bank account
  5. You can save for the future
  6. You can pay your bills
  7. Fund your betting accounts on the go with Union bank USSD code directly

What Can I do with the Union bank 826 USSD Mobile Banking

  1. Buy products from stores and marketplace.
  2. Send money to UBN and Other Bank Accounts in NIgeria.
  3. Buy Airtime for yourself and others on all major networks, MTN, Glo, 9mobile, Airtel.
  4. Check account details like ccount Number, Balances, and BVN on the go.
  5. Generate a pay code and PIN for cardless withdrawal transactions.
  6. Pay for Bills like any social amenity ranging from eletricity, water, e.t.c.
  7. Fund your betting account.

How to buy airtime with Union bank transfer code

To buy airtime or top-up your SIM card with Union bank transfer code dial *826*Amount#. For example, dial simply dial *826*1000# and enter your transfer pin.

Union bank recharge code to Top-up a friend

Meanwhile, if you want to buy airtime for your friends or families, then you can dial *826*Amount*PHONE NUMBER#, and enter your transfer pin.

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NOTE: The union bank recharge using the 826 mobile USSD code is totally free, which means, there is no charge for airtime top-up. And the service is available on MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9mobile.

Before you continue, you must purchase and buy airtime from Union bank with your registered number. Any transaction that is not completed without that registration won’t work.

Questions for Union bank transfer code

What is the minimum transfer limit

UBN has a minimum transfer limit of N1,000 for a transfer transaction. Transfers below a thousand naira can be done at POS, ATM terminals and their online mobile banking app or using internet banking websites services..

What is the maximum transfer limit

Union bank Nigeria has a daily cumulative amount of ₦200,000 for money transfers to same bank and other banks.

Airtime recharge or top-up daily limit

A daily cumulative limit of ₦20,000 (Self and 3rd Party) is available. That is the limit for Airtime purchase.

Can i transfer funds to outside Nigeria using the UBN transfer code?

NO. The Union bank of Nigeria transfer code can only work within Nigeria and its banks alne.

To be able to run successful transfer transactions to outside countries, use any of popular online banking and payment services which offers funding, withdrawals, transfers, deposits, savings, e.t.c like the PayPal service, Payooner and Skrill.

Comments and reviews

The Union bank transfer or Union bank code is quite simple and easier to top-up your SIM card or your friends, or family’s number. It is also known as 3rd party top-up.

About Union Bank: Union Bank of Nigeria Plc., commonly known as Union Bank of Nigeria (UBN), is a commercial bank in Nigeria. The bank has been operating in Nigeria since 1917 (103years ago).

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