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Tips: Get the Best Computers using this factors

Do want to get the best computers for your office work, programming, gaming, hacking, e.t.c.then you must consider factors like Processor’s architecture, RAM, screen sizes and resolutions and even the battery isn’t left out as well.

In this article, we cover complete guide/tips on how to get yourself a good computer based on what you would want to use it for. Now that 2020 is quickly running out, you can find a better PC (Computer) that may suite your needs considering great performance, lifespan, e.t.c.

2021 is a great year for more and more computer experts to gain advantages and wider opportunities.

Are you planning to buy a laptop for yourself? If yes, then you must turn your attention to buy the best one for yourself regardless of size, price and usage capabilities.
It would be best to consider certain essential things while you want to buy a laptop for the first time.

Whether you use the laptop for commercial purposes or personal use, it must serve your buying for this item.
If you are searching for the best laptops in Nigeria, then you must do competitive research as per your requirements.

There are many laptop buying guides you need to consider while making up your mind about buying the laptops. The more you research it, the better will be your understanding of that.

Factors to consider when BUYING a Laptop

Infact I call it the best tip to work with when going for a computer, be it best computers for gaming, best computers for programming, best computers for hacking/cracking, best computers for complete office works, e.t.c. if you use this tip well, it will help you get the best.

Battery: Long lasting running time

Long lasting batteries can stand a great way to help with your working time and confidence. In this case, new computers have assurance of long lasting batteries.

RAM: Performance

RAM: The Random Access Memory, is another major factor when looking for a good computer for work, especially high working activities.

Is Computer RAM important, when buying a computer?

Computer RAM is very important for all computer users. It is the main block where computer stores data for temporary use. If it small sized, then it will always load lazy.i.e. causing the computer to display the Please wait!  or Loading

Processors: Greater Speed

For high performance computers consider using computers with high Processors’ speed.

Thisis useful expecially when running programming, hacking, complete graphics works which involves softwares like AutoCAD, solid works, e.t.c.

Make time to figure the difference of what you want to and how much of the Processors’ speed you may need.

Note, Processor of a computer/laptops can’t be changed. Unlike RAMs which are added, replaced or upgraded.

This is not the end of our guide, you still will see more interesting factors and considerations you must make to get a better computer or laptop per say, for your works or computer activities.

There are several things people often overlook while buying a laptop of their choice. Therefore, let’s explore the facts one after the other to get a better insight into it.

1. Pick the right Platform: OS Based

Platforms are,t Windows Mac or Chrome OS. I believe you must have heard of Windows, or Apple computers(Mac). This are the Operating systems of the computer, which carries from the Security, Graphics Interface, friendliness and supports.

Have a Mac computer, you can be sure of security, supports(based on its side use range). While windows is easy to use because it has many benefits as it houses popular and easy to use softwares like Ms Excel, Ms Word, Ms Access, e.t.c for use by office workers and students categories.

You must consider the features and the benefits of the Laptop that you will derive after purchasing it for yourself.

Most of the laptops come with three operating systems: chrome, macOS, and windows. Among these three operating systems, you need to choose the right one that will serve your requirement. Windows 10 is the latest version of the Laptop that you can have as one of the best-operating systems of your choice.


In the Indian market, laptops are available in different sizes, and you need to select the length at your convenience.

Different screen sizes in which you can get the laptops are as follows.

  • 11-12 inches:- It is actually of the lightest and the thinnest model or the screens that typically weigh to 2.5 to 3.5 pounds.
  • 13-14 inches:- These types of laptops weigh about 4 pounds for maintaining the perfect balance and portability.
  • 15-16 inches:- The weight of the 15 inches laptop weighs around 4-5.5 pounds.
  • 17-18 inches:- 17- 18 inch laptops provide enormous processing power using which you can play high-end games and get a proper workstation level productivity.

Hence, if you choose the best laptops in India, you need to consider the laptop’s dimensions in the proper order. Before you make your choices, you need to understand the laptops’ viability in the most effective manner.

You are investing your hard-earned money, and therefore you cannot afford to take things for granted. Hence, before you make your choices, you need to be sure that you are making the right choice for yourself.

3. Make your decision if you want 2 in 1

The new age laptops come in the form of a 2 in 1 model. It means that you can detach the monitor and use it as a tab, or you can fix it with the keyboard to use it as a laptop. Detachable screens are there that can come off from the keyboard.

You can easily bend back the screen and the hinges of the laptop to 360 degrees so that you can use it as per your convenience. The choice you need to make as per your requirement will help you at your workplace with all kinds of feasibility.

4. Check the Touchpad(if available) and Keyboard

The keyboard is an essential part of the laptop. It is the input device in your laptop that will help you send a command to your system, depending on which your system will work.

This is the reason why you need to select the right touchpad and the keyboard for yourself.

The softness of the keyboard matters a lot. It increases your typing speed when you need to submit any essential assignments or projects. Your efficiency in the workplace heavily depends on the type of system you use.

Before purchasing your laptop, you need to cross-check the touchpad’s functionalities and its system in the most effective manner. It will help to uplift your reputation in the most efficient way.


I repeat, this is the most interesting part of the deal. The computer or laptop battery is your first lookout for when going for a good computer, followed by the computer’s Processor.

You need to consider your laptop’s battery life for the sizable bulky notebook and the gaming rig that is placed near the gaming rig. It would be best to use the computer whenever required if you have thought these facts well in advance.

The battery life of the laptop plays a considerable role while you purchase a laptop on your own.

It would be best if you determined your laptop’s expected battery life so that you can use the third party sources as per your requirements.


Budget is the most critical factor that you need to consider while you plan to buy a laptop for yourself.

It would be best if you considered the fact that the laptop must be budget-friendly, and it must not increase the headache of your expenses as per the requirement.

You need to collect the right information as per your estimated budget, which will increase your affordability. If you want to purchase the best laptops in India, you need to consider your account properly.

Try to plan your budget in such a manner that you can buy the best product at the most affordable rate. It will help you to make your choices in an easy manner.Do not make this harder for yourself.

Conclusions on getting a Good Computer.

Hence, the above information has become apparent that what is the core important point that you need to consider while you will choose the best laptops in India. This is why you must believe that while you select the laptops, it must help you satisfy your requirements as per your organization’s needs.

You cannot take the essential and crucial things for granted. The more you will be attentive to selecting the best product, the better your response in the workplace.

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