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MyTV Africa New Position, Frequency and Full list of Channels

MyTV Africa New Position, Frequency & Complete Channel Listing: Broadcast now available on Belintersat 1 at 51.5°E

My TV Services are now back on-air via Belintersat 1 at 51.5ºE, Freq: 11050MHz, Horizontal, SR: 30,000Ms/s.

Dishes need to be re-pointed and frequency rescanned. No authorized viewing time will be lost. As always, My TV viewers will be generously compensated for the resulting inconvenience and associated costs.

MyTv Africa Frequency

Dish requirement is 60CM and bigger

MyTV frequency: 11.050MHz

Polarization: Horizontal (H)

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Symbol Rate: 30000Ms/s

Position: Belinteresat1 @ 51.5E

List of Channels you can Receive on MyTV package on 51.5E

MyTV packages are divided into two categories, they have 25 encrypted channels (for premium users) that you need to unlock after subscribing to their service and at least 54 unencrypted/ free to air (FTA) channels.

both the FTA and the encrypted ones would be listed here.

List of Encrypted/Scrambled Channels on My TV Africa

  • AIT,
  • Channels,
  • english club,
  • aljazeera,
  • France 24,
  • silverbird,
  • nta,
  • wapTV,
  • Rave tv,
  • NHK World,
  • tabu,
  • RT documentary,
  • zoomoo,
  • wazobia tv,
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Other Premium channels includes:

  1. world fashion channel,
  2. smithsonian,
  3. love nature
  4. galaxy tv
  5. KBS World

Full Free to Air Channels list on MY TV Africa @ Belintersat 1 at 51.5°E

Update: the free-to-air channels listed here are not valid again.
  • 2 STV
  • Africa TV3
  • Alwilayah
  • Amen TV
  • Arewa 24
  • Asonga
  • BB24
  • Boom TV
  • Burkina Info TV
  • Cameroun 7
  • Canal 2 English
  • Canal 2 Movies
  • Cash Chrono TV
  • Canal 2 International
  • CRTV
  • DBS TV
  • Dieu Tv
  • Digital 1
  • Equinoxe TV
  • France 24 (fr)
  • Golfe TV Africa
  • Hadi TV
  • Impact TV
  • La Beninoise
  • New world Info
  • La Chertienne
  • LMTV
  • Loveworld
  • My TV Promo
  • New World Cinema
  • New World Sport
  • ORTB
  • New World Maga
  • ORTM
  • Power TV
  • QTV Senegal
  • Quest Tv
  • RTB TV
  • RTS
  • Stadafric
  • STV
  • Sweet Radio Vision
  • Tandberg Service
  • TFM Religions
  • TFM Senegal
  • TVC Entertainment
  • TVC News Nigeria
  • TVC-Benin
  • TVT Togo
  • Ubiz News
  • Unafrica TV
  • Vision 4
  • Vox Africa
  • Vox TV

How to install myTV Africa on 51.5E position

We have two methods to successful run myTV Africa installation since there have moved to a new position.

Installing myTV Africa using Satellite TV tracker

Establishment Procedures Using Digital Satellite TV Tracker

  1. Strip and interface the two closures of the coaxial wire to the connectors.
  2. Ensure the internal single copper wire of the coaxial link isn’t reaching the peripheral small wires of the coaxial link.
  3. Interface the one finish of the coaxial link connector to LNB on the dish and the other connector to the Digital tracker LNB IN port.
  4. Input the recurrence: 11.050 and other required data as recorded above in the advanced tracker.
  5. At the point when you set the computerized tracker to Position: 51.5° east, follow the course to get to the position.
  6. Promptly you point the Dish LNB the right way the advanced tracker will educate you regarding the sign gathering.
  7. Fix the dish holder/post on the sign banquet room; ensure it’s fixed solidly without shaking due to impedance climate conditions like wave or precipitation.
  8. Watch the dish to the holder/shaft with stray pieces freely so the dish can be turned and move uninhibitedly.
  9. Track the sign as did in 2 and 3.
  10. Upon the gathering of the sign; monitor the dish firmly while holding it solidly without losing the sign. Ensure you fix the dish stray pieces solidly to stay away from awful climate impedance while watching the channels.
  11. Presently separate the LNB coaxial link associated with the advanced tracker and run the wire to your lounge or any spot you need to keep the decoder.
  12. Interface the LNB coaxial wire to the ‘LNB IN’ port at the rear of the decoder.
  13. Power ON the decoder and press MENU on the distant regulator.
  14. Pick INSTALLATION and press “Alright” on the remote and information secret phrase (0000) which is a default solid decoder secret phrase.
  15. Pick “MANUAL SCAN”.
  16. Look on FREQUENCY and press any number on the remote.
  17. Choose “NEW”
  18. Input this recurrence 11.050
  19. Look down to SYMBOL RATE which is close to the recurrence.
  20. Input this image rate 30.000 and the two sign lines underneath or on top of your TV screen contingent upon your solid decoder model will abandon red tone to green tone.
  21. Go to POLARIZATION and switch among V and H assuming the sign quality and strength didn’t go to green tone.
  22. After the sign lines probably changed to the green tone, press “Alright” on the remote.
  23. You should now see a complete list of myTV Africa positions

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Installing myTV Africa using MANUAL INSTALLATION Procedures

In this strategy, it’s practically a similar methodology with the above technique, yet in this technique, you should keep a TV in an apparent region with the decoder associated with it.
  1. Do stages 12 to 19 as in the advanced tracker strategy above.
  2. Cell phone with Compass can make this technique exceptionally simple, find 16° East utilizing the PDA’s compass application and point the LNB precisely the heading and lift up the dish gradually until the sign strength and quality bar change to green tone.
  3. Do stage 10 as in the computerized tracker methodology above.
  4. Run the coaxial link to the spot you need to keep the decoder and associate everything and begin watching.
That’s all! We’ll continue to give updates and free guides on the myTV Africa new positions, installation guides and complete channel lists if things changes in the future.

Here on, we are set to always update the Frequency and Symbol rate together with current position of My TV Africa.

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It is your responsibility to check back for the updated copy of our List of frequencies and channels of MYTV packages.

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