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MTN Freebrowsing & Downloading Cheat using Psiphon – 100% working

Using Psiphon, you can browse free and download on your MTN line. Today Freebrowsingeeks will be giving a full guide on MTN Freebrowsing & downloading using Psiphon VPN the Psiphon free browsing and free downlaoding hack files.

Reqirements for MTN Psiphon Free browsing and Downloading Cheat

To get started with the MTN and Psiphon cheat to browse and download with high speed and high data volume, you must meet the following requirements, which are:

  1. A Smartphone, Android OS only (Not iOS)
  2. Psiphon app, Psiphon 3 pro is required here
  3. MTN SIM Card
  4. Little or no data on your MTN SIM card (it’s recommended you’ve little MTN data on your SIM to download phisphon VPN and to activate the Cheat properly)

Here we go with methods on activating your Free browsing on MTN using Psiphon VPN (psiphon3 Pro).

MTN Psiphon Methods for Free Browsing and Downloading

To configure/setup psiphon for free downloading & free browsing on your MTN sim card, here are the two methods to go about it.

  1. Psiphone direct method for MTN Free browsing and Downloading
  2. Using Psiphon configuration method for MTN Free browsing
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MTN Free browsing and Downloading using Psiphon Direct Method

This method of free browsing and downloading using Psiphon is a direct method, where you don’t need any configuration file or script to active the free browsing. But, the disadvantage of this method is, the downloading and free browsing limit is low, it’s not unlimited.

  1. Download the Psiphon app: Psiphon Pro – The Internet Freedom VPN
  2. Install and open your Psiphon Pro app.
  3. Click on start and allow it to scan for open port on your network so as to utilize it and give you free internet access.

MTN Free browsing and Downloading using Psiphon Configuration files

Using configuration files, you can increase your MTN Psiphon free browsing and downloading limit where you can browse unlimited and stream very fast.

Below is a guide on how to Browse and Download free using Psiphon configuration files with your MTN SIM card and smartphone.

1. Install and then open the app
2. Click on options and then more options
3. Next, click on the following:
Connect through an HTTP proxy: Tick
Use the following settings: Tick
There are other options such as the Custom HTTP headers and also proxy authentication.
4. You will find the slot for a Host address and port configure it by replacing with.

  • Check Remove port box
  • Proxy type: Dual Real Host
  • Proxy server: datareset.mtnonline.com/#Xstring
  • Real proxy type: HTTP
  • Real proxy port: 80
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5. Quickly navigate to OPTIONS and select the UNITED STATES as your region.

6. Finally, tap on MORE OPTIONS, under CONNECT THROUGH HTTP, and enter as Host address and 8080 as Port.

Free browsing and downloading is possible with Psiphon Pro android app and MTN SIMs, so if you have and android phone and MTN SIM card, then take this free browsing cheat to enjoy your line. It’s free to use and browse.

Use at your own risk.

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