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Transfer Glo recharge card: Glo credit transfer codes

Glo subscribers can now transfer recharge card balances between themselves. A feature on GLO Nigeria, GLO Ghana and others called EASYSHARE makes it possible to transfer your credit balance to loved ones and friends.

This is the question I normally get from my friends, who are on the glo network, whether it’s possible to transfer Glo credits. I do say yes, but today, i’ve taken the time to share with the public through Freebrowsingeeks.com on how to share glo recharge card credit balance within the Glo NG networks.

Glo EasyShare enables any Glo customer to share his/her airtime credit with any one of his/her choice on the Glo network. Send credit to family, friends and loved ones in an instant with this service.


Before you can be able to transfer your airtime from glo to glo you need to first of all, that is, if you have never done that.

How to activate Glo credit transfer

For Glo customers who are new to the EasyShare, you’ll need to reset the default transfer PIN before one can be able to make transfers.

Every glo user has a default transfer PIN, 00000 this is the pin assigned to you by default for making airtime transfers.

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But for security reasons and to avoid unauthorized persons from making illegal transfers from your glo sim without your consent I’d advise you to change/reset this pin to your own personal knowing that you can remember.

Note: In some cases, Glo customers can still make the transfer without changing their EasyShare transfer PIN

How to change glo credit transfer PIN

The Glo airtime transfer PIN is usually five digits, now to reset your PIN using your mobile phone just dial *132*DEFAULT*NEWPIN*NEWPIN#. The Default is always 00000

For example, if you want your new Glo EasyShare – Airtime transfer PIN to be 39530 then dail *132*00000*39530*39530#.

If you did that correctly you’re going to get a confirmation message that it has been changed or created successfully.

Now the New PIN used is now your official transfer PIN you will be using to make future EasyShare moves to your families, friends or loved ones with ease.

That’s it man! you’ve successfully changed your pin now you won’t worry about having illegal transfers of your hard earned airtime again, lol. Now after successfully changing your pin let’s go to the main question of the day

How to transfer Glo credit using USSD code

To transfer airtime from your glo to another glo user with your phone using USSD just dial *131*Receiver’s phone no.*Amount*PIN#

Example if the Receiver’s phone no(the Glo customer you’re sending your airtime to) Phone Number is 09098000000 and remember your New Pin is 39530(the one you changed to) then Amount you’re sending is 500

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Then the USSD code for the airtime transfer should should go like this *131*09098000000*500*39530# once the transfer is successful and completed you’ll get a message confirming your transfer.

Well that’s how to transfer airtime on glo to glo, now you can now share some of airtime to your friends, family, love ones, relatives etc.

That’s not all do you know you can still request for a new pin even after resetting the default one? well the answer is yes.

You might have mistakenly exposed your pin or you suspect an unusual activity in your glo credit account, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about as glo easyshare allows you to change your pin anytime you want. It’s very easy just follow procedure I explained above on how to change your default pin.

Forgot Glo credit transfer PIN? How to recover PIN

Do you feel like changing your transfer code or you suspected someone might known the transfer code? then you can make changes to the PIN using the way you changed from default PIN earlier.


For example, Now the code should go like this *132*39530*20205*20205#
You’ll get a notification confirming your change of pin. It’s very easy right?

Forgot my Glo transfer PIN

If you have done transfers with Glo EasyShare before or maybe someone has been using your SIM card for such, when you can go on to request a new PIN, but this time is not a common USSD command. Calling customer care to request a new PIN is all you need.

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In some cases you might want to make a transfer and you discover that you can’t remember your transfer pin maybe because you don’t normally transfer airtime to people and it’s being a long time you made your last transfer.

Not to worry you can still retrieve your transfer pin.
Just dial 121 on your phone, that is glo customer care number, follow their instructions on how to get a new transfer pin.

Different methods to transfer Glo recharge cards

To transfer airtime from glo to glo simply dial *131*Receiver’s phone no.*Amount*New Pin#
Example if the Receiver’s(the person you’re sending your airtime to) Phone Number is 09098765432 and remember your New Pin is 13579 then Amount you’re sending is 500

Then the code should go like this *131*09098765432*500*13579# once the transfer is successful and completed you’ll get a notification confirming the transaction.

Glo recharge card balance transfer using official site

Presently there is no way of running method with their website as i contacted a customer support center through thier online web support system at promotions.gloworld.com or visit Glo official webiste for more info and enquiries @ gloworld.com

I hope this article was helpful to you don’t forget to share with loved ones.


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