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How to Track and Spy your Partner Smartphone

Technlogy has made it possible that you can now spy, track and remotely control your partner, children, spouse or friends smartphones with the help softwares. This is done by having them unknowingly install an app, which cannot be visible among installed apps or on any app sharing software like xender or flashshare.

Thesedays more and more people are falling victim to the acts of unfaithful partners, less confidence for partner or friends. In most cases, people are always taken by shock when they find out and in many cases, people never even know. Some suspect but can’t do anything about it. These acts might ruin relationships and cast doubts.

The best way to confirm whether or not someone is indeed cheating on you is by tracking their phone. I will share with you an app, which is verified an confirmed, that it provides users with a good way to save their relationships if the doubts are proved wrong or they might even save one from embarrassment.

One of the best ways is to find your cheating spouseis  by using the smart device app called “Spyine”. We plan to provide more information about this software below.

Nevertheless, there are tons of softwares we cann’t truth to deliver what we are looking for. So here are freebrowsingeeks.com, we provide links and articles to verified softwares/apps we have tested for spying and tracking other devices.

Note: Tracking and Spying on other phones is completely illegal. Yet this article is meant for educational purposes only. We plan not to let you use it for crime and other unlawful purposes, but it is upto you!

Your use of any information, guide or apps listed here is solely at your own risk.

List of Android Apps to Track Smartphones

You can get hands on Location, SMS, Inner doings of your target, with this sophisticated Android apps.
Here is a list of top free android apps to spy and track your target smartphone below:
  • Highster Phone Spyware
  • TheWiSpy Android Spy App
  • Spying Android App
  • XnSpy Cell Phone Spy App
  • CocoSpy Android Spyware
  • SpyEra Mobile Spy App
  • TheWiSpy Android Spy App
  • MobiStealth Phone Monitor
  • FamiSafe Android Monitoring App
  • mSpy Mobile Monitoring App
  • AppMia Mobile Monitoring App
  • FlexiSpy Mobile Spyware
The list of smartphones spy and tracking apps can go on in a long list, but, we have selected a few tested and correct apps that have been verified to recommend to you.
There might be reasons you find it wanting to spy or track your loved ones smartphone. Best known to you with your reasons, if you are looking for a smartphone app to track your partners calls, SMS, MMS, social chats and the rest, you can do them with the above mentioned smartphone Android apps.
Many spy and tracking Android apps are not valid, which means, there don’t do what there say like accurately tracking and spying on your targets device with full privacy, but today among the list I will be saying few about some of the best android apps for spying this 2020 and up to 2021.

1. Spyine

Spyine is a very good and well-reputed service that primarily deals in the area of spying on devices. The app enjoys a strong reputation with the likes of Top 10 reviews and it has millions of users over a hundred countries all over.

spy on another smartphone device

Spyine works on most of today’s Android and Apple devices. The app also works without the need for any jailbreak or root on a device. SO you don’t have to worry about any physical tampering that might ruin a device or its warranty.

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Features of Spyine Tracking APP

Spyine will be one of those apps in this area of which has almost all of the more coveted features of spying. Spyine can find out a cheater spouse with the use of any of these features. You can have access to a phone’s messages, read social media messages and view calls made.

Spyine will from a distance in a complete remote manner and it will definitely keep your tracking a secret while you find out someone else’s secrets. Spyine does not drain the battery and hides its activity in stealth mode.

Some of the major features of Spyine are:

  • You can view browser history
  • Access to call records
  • Contact lists
  • Track the location of a device
  • Keylogger for recording keystrokes
  • Stealth mode
  • Social media activity monitor
  • There are more features as well

As you can see, Spyine is fully capable of catching a cheater with the use of these features. You can read texts; view calls made and tracks a device to figure out what your partner is up to. You can either catch them in the act or you can free them of your ill suspicion.

An important thing to keep in mind regarding Spyine is that it needs the internet on the target device. If your target Android or Apple device is not connected to the internet you won’t be able to receive any updates. Once online activity restores you will find all the updates you missed out on.

How to Track a Smartphone with Spyine

To get Spyine started, it will require you to undergo a very simple and easy setup process. This is very easy to do and does not take too much time. You don’t need to be a tech guru to figure this out either when working with the lastest version of Spyine.

Step 1:

You will start by visiting the Spyine website at spyine.com/. You can visit this site from any browser or device. Note: You must have to create an account with Spyine and fill out the forms. Payment for the desired package will take place upon which this step will be over.

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Step 2:

As the app works for both Android as well as IOS Apple devices, we will list the steps for them both.

For Android Devices

Spyine will provide users with a very mini sized file to download and install onto their target phones. You will have to allow the installation of outside apps as this is an apk file. Install this file onto the device is a mandatory step.

For Apple iOS devices

Apple devices are easier to set up in case you want to find out. All you need are the login details of the target phone’s cloud storage account. You will just add this cloud storage account to your Spyine account to begin tracking it.


The app can be removed or uninstalled very quickly as well. Simply delete the file you installed in the case for Android’s and in the case for iOS devices, all you need to do is remove the cloud account from your Spyine account.

Step 3

The setting up job should now be over with. If done correctly you will be greeted with the setup completed page. It will take about 10 minutes at the maximum for the app to start working after the setup.


Your Spyine dashboard will be your domain to see all kinds of results. You will be able to monitor through all of the features you paid for. Catching a cheater will be easy for you now. Track and monitor at your will and ease.

Spyine is one of the best apps in the market for spying needs. The app always gives decent results and it offers a wide range of Functions to choose from. This is one of the most balanced and well-performing apps in the market as of this moment.

2. mSpy Mobile Monitoring App

mSpy is an app works as both spyware and parental control. Most of the features of this app are designed to track and monitor kids activities. Being a parental monitoring app, mSpy offers basic features that help parents to manage and monitor their kid’s devices.

mSpy Core Features

  • Application Blocking
  • Installed Applications
  • Keylogger
  • Monitor calls
  • Incoming Calls Restriction
  • Photos Contacts, Notes
  • Blocking Websites
  • Browsing History
  • Keyword Alerts

mSpy Price


Basic Version: $29.99/month

Premium Version: $69.99/month

CocoSpy Android Spyware:

CocoSpy is yet another amazing undetectable app to spy Android phones and tablets. Like other invisible spy apps for Android, it enables the end-user to monitor Android phones and tablets remotely and secretly. This app is so lightweight that the target device won’t face any battery draining issues. CocoSpy is easy to install and provides a user-friendly interface for Android spying and tracking.

CocoSpy Core Features (No root)

  • Text Messages
  • Contacts
  • Calendar Activities
  • Bookmarks
  • Videos Preview
  • Keylogger

CocoSpy Price


Basic Version: $39.99/month

Premium Version: $49.99/month

Family Version: $69.99/month

FamiSafe Android Monitoring App:

If you are looking for an undetectable app to monitor your family, then FamiSafe is going to be the best option for you. With this invisible spyware app, you can enjoy the latest parental control features to track your kid’s activities. FamiSafe allows parents to track their kid’s whereabouts and create a secure cyber environment for their children.

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FamiSafe Core Features

  • Web Filter
  • Screen Time
  • App Blocker
  • Smart Schedule
  • Activity Report
  • Browser History
  • Explicit Content Detection
  • YouTube Content Detection

FamiSafe Price

Monthly Version: $9.99/month

Annual Version: $4.99 /month Billed annually at $59.99

Quarterly Version: $6.66/month Billed quarterly at $19.99


TheWiSpy Android Spy App

Android pricing package plans [Updated]

TheWiSpy is an undetectable free hidden spy app for Android offering the most latest and diverse cell phone spying features. The affordability and flexibility of TheWiSpy app make it one of the best spying apps for Android devices. This cheapest spying software allows you to listen to the call recordings, monitor contacts and call logs, read SMS and IMs text messages, listen to surround recordings, track GPS location, etc. You can not only enjoy complete monitoring but also control your target device with TheWiSpy Android spyware. This app offers a user-centric dashboard which enables the end-user to operate and run the features without having technical knowledge. TheWiSpy Android app is easy to install and works on complete stealth mode.

TheWispy Core Features

  • Read SMS and voice Messages
  • Track Call History
  • Location History
  • Voice Memos
  • Remotely Control the Target Device
  • Track GPS Location
  • Monitor Installed Social Apps
  • Listen to the Surroundings with spy microphone

Price for TheWispy Android Spy App: 

Free Trial: $0/month (Limited offer ended)

Promotional Version: $10/month (Limited offer ended)

Starter Version: $6.99/ 15days (Limited time offer)

Basic Version: $29.99/month ($19 Limited time offer)

Pro Version: $39.99/month ($29 Limited time offer)

Ultimate Version: $49.99/month ($39 Limited time offer)



Comments and Reviews

With the huge list of Apps to use for tracking and spying your spouse, partner and friends, we have selected a few to talk about, been Spyine, mSpy. e.t.c.
To cut the story short, mSpy is the best among all the Smartphone spying and tracking apps in the market today. mSpy app for tracking is pretty much more expensive but it can do the job perfectly for you if money is not the problem.
FamiSafe is best in terms price and anonymousness. You have total hide access to the target devices.

Catching an unfaithful partner is completely possible now with the use of spy services. One of the best ways is to find your cheating spouse by Spyine. Spyine offers the complete range of spying features and functions which users can make full use of to find out secrets.

Spyine is a very solid service that has managed to offer a strong completion to other top apps like Minspy and Neatspy. This is an ideal and easy way to go about your spying business. No one will be able to embarrass you or cheat on you without you knowing

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