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How to Stop Autorenewal on any MTN Data plans

In this post you will know how to Cancel any MTN Data plan autorenewal features. This very feature of MTN autorenewal has more harm than good to some MTN valid subscribers. MTN autorenewal service tend to deduct your recharge balance as part of agreement for your initial purchased data so can continue browsing without interruption but, it has probe useless to most MTN customers which leaves them to be looking for how to cancel MTN data autorenew feature from their line. I know how it feels like spending or losing what you never planned to, nevertheless, you can still work it out by canceling the autorenewal feature of the particular MTN Data plan bundle you are.

The advantage of the MTN autorenewal feature on MTN data plans is that the auto-renewal feature was added to automatically renew your expired data bundle plan and ease you the stress of subscribing manually going through codes and processes which termed long for some customers.

Somethings we see messages from MTN saying:

Congratulations! Your Monthly 1.5GB data plan has been successfully renewed.

MTN Data service

To some persons actively watching youtube videos, scrolling instagram timelines and other huge internet services that tend to consume alot of data per hour of their stay, that message may not be a problem to high profile individuals or does ready to the autorenewal to occur, but then, most MTN customers find it frustrating.

But most times, you don’t want it that way, right? All you want is to subscribe anytime you want to. Follow the procedures below to opt-out(cancel) of auto-renewal on MTN.

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Methods of canceling Auto-Renewal On MTN

There are over 4 methods to take that will disconnect you from the autorenewal feature, there are:

  • General way to cancel all MTN data plan autorenwal
  • Cancel auto-renewal specific to a data plan
  • Customer support to cancel autorenewal

General method to cancel all MTN data plan autorenwal

There is a method to cancel all(when i mean very autorenewal feature on MTN data plan, i mean all autorenewal) MTN valid auto-renewal feature. This method doesn’t require you to know what data bundle you are in, it just try to find and deactive the autorenewal feature from your MTN line.

Cancel all MTN Data plans autorenewal through SMS

Simply send sms STOPDATA to 131 to cancel auto-renewal on all existing data plans on MTN.

Question: Can i cancel all MTN data plans auto-renewal through USSD code?

NO!!! The answer is simply. You can always use the SMS service to run your autorenewal cancellation easily.

Cancel MTN auto-renewal on specific data bundle

This is based on specific data plan package, which you will have to provide the SMS code for the data plan, that is when using SMS to cancel the auto-renewal feature that is on your MTN SIM.

  • First, dial *123*5*1# and reply 2 to check your existing plan.
  • Now check out the list of MTN data plans in Nigeria below and copy the subscription code, which you will send as SMS to 131.

Take it you are on MTN N1,000 data plan subscription, which over 1.25GB of data value and the autorenewal cancellation code is NO106, do it like this: send NO106 to 131 or if you are onMTN 50MB daily data plan, to cancel auto-renewal(on the MTN daily plan 50MB), SMS NO114 to 131..

Below is a list of autorenewal cancellation SMS code, to use to deactivate any specified data plan easily.

MTN Data plan and their autorenewal cancellation SMS codes

Data PlanPriceCancel Auto-Renewal (SMS to 131)Validity
MTN data plans can their respective autorenewal cancellation codes

Daily Data Plans:

On MTN daily data plans, we have the 25MB, 75MB and 1GB for N350 (just 1 day data plan) here:

  • 25MB for N50 – NO114 to 131
  • 75MB for N100 – NO104 to 131
  • 1GB for N350 – NO 155 to 131
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2-Day Data Plans:

MTN 2 day data bundles, here are their SMS auto-renewal cancel codes:

  • 200MB for N200 – NO113 to 131
  • 2GB for N500 – NO154 to 131

Weekly Data Plans:

Though MTN weekly data plans are bit expensive, like the 750MB for N500. You can choose to do this type of subscription ones so as not to keep spending airtine recharge of this data plans.

  • 350MB for N300 – NO102
  • 750MB for N500 – NO103

Monthly Data Plans:

Monthly data plans and their SMS auto-renewal deactivation code:

  • 1.5GB for N1000 – NO106
  • 2GB for N1200 – NO130
  • 3.5GB For N2000 – NO110
  • 6.5GB For N3500 – NO107
  • 11GB for N5000 – NO116
  • 25GB for N10000 – NO117
  • 60GB for N20000 – N0118
  • 100GB for N30000 – NO138

3-Months Data Plans:

This are the mega data plan packages, which incur huge amount of money to their subscribers to a very reasonable amount of data bundle, but you can choose to opt-out of auto-renewal to avoid charges when there are finished or expired.

  • 120GB for N50000 – NO133
  • 150GB for N70000 – NO134

MTN GoodyBag Data Plan

This is a data plan launched by MTN Nigeria for you to browse and chat on your favorite social media platforms with little money spent on airtime.

To cancel auto-renewal on this plan is simple.

  • Just send STOP+Subscription_Code to 131.
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See the deactivation codes below:

WhatsApp MTN GoodyBag:

Daily – send STOPWAD to 131

Weekly – send STOPWAW to 131

Monthly – send STOPWAM to 131

Facebook MTN GoodyBag:


Weekly – STOPFBW

Monthly – STOPFBM

Twitter MTN GoodyBag:



Monthly – STOPTWTM

Instagram MTN GoodyBag:



Monthly – STOPINSM

WeChat MTN GoodyBag:


Weekly – STOPWCW

Monthly – STOPWCM

Eskimi MTN GoodyBag:




2GO MTN GoodyBag:

Daily – STOP2GOD

Weekly – STOP2GOW

Monthly – STOP2GOM

NimBuzz MTN GoodyBag:



Monthly – STOPNIMM

You can also see that the MTN GoodyBag social data plan has different codes to deactivate autorenewal than the rest of other regular data plans. Just attach the word “STOP” to the activation code and the auto-renewal feature of the MTN GoodyBag social plan will be deactivated.

MTN XtraValue Plan

The MTN XtraValue plan is divided into two (2) which are:

  • XtraTalk that offers more airtime for voice calls than Data Volume.
  • XtraData bundles that offer more data volume that airtime for voice calls.

Whichever plan you choose, an autorenewal feature maybe achieved to it, so below is how to opt-out/cancel of auto-renewal.

XtraTalk Bundles

The deactivation code is by the right side, which you will send 131.

e.g for the 300naira Xtravalue(for talk time: XtraTalk), send NOV300 to 131, then wait for the confirmation message of your successful opt-out of the autorenewal feature.

N300 – NOV300

N500 – NOV500

N1000 – NOV1000

N2000 – NOV2000

N5000 – NOV5000

N10000 – NOV10000

N15000 – NOV15000

N20000 – NOV20000

XtraData Bundles

N300 – NOD300 to 131

N500 – NOD500

N1000 – NOD1000

N2000 – NOD2000

N5000 – NOD5000

N10000 – NOD10000

N15000 – NOD15000

N20000 – NOD20000

MTN BlackBerry Data Plan

BlackBerry plans are usually cheap and affordable, infact MTN Blackberry data plan has proven to be MTN’s best data plan ever, but the service/data package is very limited to MTN general users. Remember back then, when you can subscribe to the blackberry daily plan for just N100, browse and download large files online without worrying about data exhaustion.

How to deactivate MTN Blackberry data plan

This plan also has auto-renewal activated, use the shortcode below to deactivate the feature on this plan.

Kindly send NO to 21600.

After your successful sending of that message, you should receive a confirmation message telling you how successful the operation was.


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