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How to clear DStv E16 Error code – 2 Easy Methods

Solve your DStv E16 Error using any of this 2 simple methods. We have a tutorial to help rectify the DStv Errors on your Decoder which makes it hard for you to stream or securely connect and watch movies and musics. This post provides the easiest methods for clearing DSTV E16 error easily on your decoder via DStv internet selfcare portal and SMS sending.

DSTV is a popular digital satellite TV series, well known all across sub-Saharan Africa. With so many interesting bouquet and programmes ranging from entertainment, lifestyle & culture, movies, religions, sport, music, cartoons & news. Owned by multi-choice, it was launched on 6th November 1995, with a lot of packages such as DSTV premium, Compact plus, Compact etc.

Methods to clear the DSTV E16 Error

I made a guide to clear the DStv Error code: E16. Available in 2 easy methods which are listed below:

Method 1: Visit DSTV official website through the Internet

Through this method(Internet), you can clear the E16 error on your DSTV decoder, all you  need to do is to visit DSTV self service portal on your computer or mobile device browser. Fill the the form on the Web page, insert your smart card number & captcha code correctly.

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Manage DStv online with their self care portal

There are different errors listed that can be cleared using the self service portal, select the E16 error. Having done the above steps, click CLEAR ERROR, it will immediately disappear from your TV screen. Follow the steps below:

  • Visit the Dstv Self service portal @ https://www.dstvafrica.com.
  • Fill in your Surname/Number or Smart card number
  • Select the type of error you want to clear. In our case, we are facing the Error “E16” error.
  • Enter the captcha code and click “Clear Error
Now, your DStv error code is expected to be cleared after your completion of this guide. Wait a while if you still see it and do not activate the process again.

Method 2: Send SMS to DSTV customer care

This method is easy and can be done anywhere. It simply require you to Send an SMS in the format below:

RA SMART_CARD_NUMBER to +234 908 236 8533

e. g: RA 1234567890. send to +234 908 236 8533


The SMART CARD NUMBER is located at the back of  your DSTV smart card. It is ten (10) digit number

Note: service charges may be required.

The official DStv Customer care number to send complaint and request to is +234 908 236 8533 (0908 236 8533)

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Enjoy your DStv with unlimited streaming of videos and music hits ones subscribed. These two methods are easy steps that can be done without stress. With this article I believe you can now enjoy your DSTV without the E16 error.

DStv Briefying regarding Error Code E16

Let us take a brief look at DStv as a brand and services there offer to their valid customers.

DSTV headquarter is located in Ferndale Randburg, South Africa and some other area’s like Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa. DSTV as achieved a lot in capturing the mind of people through their TV series and programmes, acquiring 8 million subscribers in Africa alone is a proof of how entertaining are their programmes.

DStv home programme showcase

Majority of subscribers are located in Nigeria and South Africa. These two countries  are very productive through marketing, they are being recognized as important countries in terms of sales and customers

What is E16 error?

This is a common error which displays on your TV screen due to expired subscription. Sometimes, it shows on active subscriptions too but not on regular basis. In case this error occurs on your subscribed decoder, here are some tips on how you can correct the error.

If your subscription expired, for you not to experience E16 error, you need to make your payments through Quick teller, it’s the easiest way to make payment using your ATM card. You can also make payment by going to any nearby DSTV office, your DSTV card number would be required. You can equally make payment through the Internet, via DSTV internet portal – www.DStv.com

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Now DSTV has gone far in upgrading their satellite by introducing the latest decoder which enable subscriber to use extra views. This allows subscribers to link two decoders together under one subscription fee in order to increase the rate of viewers.

With all these interesting packages, you may have seen or encountered series of annoying challenges, this may occur due to bad signal. Another shortcoming to DSTV service is the E16 error.

If you still have an active subscription and it occurs, it no big deal all you need to do is just to switch off your decoder, leave it for few minutes and then switch it on.

Having put on your decoder, if the problem still persist, you need to use other method, this time through your mobile phone or your computer.

Share your Taughts and view regarding your solving of the DStv E16 Error Code.


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