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How to detect a cloned Smartphone: Phone guides

Some of us have been tricked into buying fake, copied or cloned smartphones because, we don’t know the difference of cloned version (fake phones) and original ones from the main mobile production companies.

Brands like iPhone, Infinix, Gionee, Samsung has suffered from cloning by the unknown (bad actors that private their product), so we will look at how to detect a fake smartphone-like from their original ones.

We’ve emplyed different types of ways to detect a copied phone over the real ones without hard findings over the past years.

Due to the way fake phone manufacturers/phone pirates are becoming more and more sophisticated everyday and the ease of installing an Android OS on a phone, it is hard to tell if a phone is fake by merely looking at it or by just its design.

Guides to detect a pirated, cloned smartphone

Here are guides to find original smartphones and not fake ones. Follow the below steps and guides to detecting a smart original mobile phone product over the pirated or cloned copy.

1. Don’t be in a hurry to buy any smartphone: don’t let any seller hurry you to buy, settle down and do some research online before you buy, if possible get an original version of the phone from someone you know and take to the market for comparison.

2. Using camera to detect a fake smartphone: We’ve made several discoveries over a fake and real smartphone camera and we found by testing their camera.

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It takes a lot of work to build a sharp, quality camera. It seems most fake smartphone manufacturers can’t replicate the original cameras produced by the original companies because, it’s expense to produce, it extremely work intensive and requires large production gorund for that task.

We took pictures with fake phone cameras, both back and front cameras and compared to the images captured by the original phone’s camera. Take videos also with the camera and compare the video quality with the original phone’s videos.

3. Check the phone grammar: We realized that most fake phones (claimed smartphones, cloned versions) have some misspellings (grammatic errors). Although, there are very difficult to find but with patience and thorough usage, you will find them, even while standing.

4. Check & compare the phone’s specifications & features:  Using online means, you can find and compare them to the phone you want to buy, if even one thing is missing, it most likely means the phone is fake.


Phone might have several different models with slightly different specs so to be sure, know the exact model you are buying. For example Samsung A3 might be available in two different models, one may be using a Snapdragon Processor and have 3GB RAM and the other model might be using an Exynos Processor with 4 GB RAM so ask the seller to be sure.

5. Run internet access test: Go with a SIM card which has active data plan subscription on it so that you can test the phone’s internet connectivity and ability to run apps, download & update.

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Some fake phones have problems connecting to the internet especially with the Airtel network.

So I advise that you use the Airtel network to test all apps and try downloading some apps from the Google Play Store if its an Android phone and Apple App store for iPhones.

6. Check the Android OS carefully: For android phones, check for the Operating System (OS) version and compare with specs from reputable websites, like GSMArena, PhoneArena, Idealo, Mobile-Review, e.t.c. to make sure it is the same version or higher. If the version is lower, it is fake, if it is higher it means the phone’s OS was upgraded.


Some fake phone manufacturers still manage to put the correct Android version on fake phones though.

7. Using Phone cover & SIM port method: If it is an iPhone, check to make sure the back cover is unremovable and the SIM slot is for a Nano-SIM, it should also have only one SIM slot and no memory card slot. If you buy an iPhone 7 with dual SIM and memory card slot, na die you dey o, Lol!

Other methods to check if your smartphone is fake or real

  1. Check fake phones by checking its IMEI number on IMEI checking websites. If the phone is original, a search of its IMEI number should return the Phone’s model and year of manufacture. I’m not sure if this is applicable to all phone brands though, I know for sure that it is applicable to big brands such as Samsung, Sony, iPhone, etc.
  2. The design of the phone is still important in detecting whether it is fake but it is not as important as before, compare the design of the phone you want to buy with 3D pictures of the original phone online and check for any difference, even one difference could mean the phone is fake.
  3. For phones which have special features such as Smart Assistants like Siri, S-Voice, Gestures such as Air Gesture, Air View, etc. Make sure you test every special feature the original phone should have and ensure the features are working properly before you buy the phone. For new phones, also check and test all accessories and make sure that they are complete and working well.
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Goodluck on your journey to purchase a legit, original smartphone. If you have other ways for detecting a clone mobile devices, please drop it with us.

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