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Highest Paying Banks in Nigeria: Top 10 Lists

In summary, Access, The CBN, GTBank, UBA and Zenith has the best paying rate for her workers.

The pay bankers collect are not the same in all banks, there defer greatly. Today we share a list of top paying banks to their emplyees.

If you are interested in working in the banking sector, probably their pay should be one of your interest. So in this article, we will be bringing to you the 10 highest paying banks in Nigeria.

There are above 27 commercial banks in Nigeria, including investment bank and microfinance bank institutions.

The banks have been surviving on the strong competition that exists between them.

Each company employs every means possible to hire top and high professionals that would help in the growth of the banks.

One of the means they employ to keep these workers is the high monthly salaries and other bonuses.

Of course, getting a good job at the bank won’t be too easy for most people especially when your professionalism and knowledge is below average.

However, some banks don’t even pay so well. So if the money is your driving force in choosing to work in the banking sector, then you’d have to find the high paying banks.

It is important to have this information at your disposal for reasons such as job opportunities, Job interviews, investment, business opportunities, among others.

So to help you with your search, we are putting together a list of banks that pay the highest in Nigeria.

Below is the list of top ten highest paying banks in Nigeria

1. Access Bank

Access Bank plc, commonly known as Access Bank, is a Nigerian multinational commercial bank with its headquarter in Lagos.

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The Bank received its license from the Central Bank of Nigeria in 1989. It is currently one of the five largest banks in Nigeria in terms of assets; loans, deposits and branch network.

Apparently, the merger of Access Bank and Diamond Bank on 1st April 2019 has made Access Bank the largest bank in Africa. 

Access bank Salary Structure is the highest. The bank comes top in the list of top 10 highest paying banks in Nigeria.

It ranks among the top 5 biggest banks in Nigeria with a Net Asset of over US$12.2 billion (₦2.412 trillion). It currently has over 9,000 staff.

2. Central Bank of Nigeria

The Central Bank of Nigeria is the Central bank and top monetary authority of Nigeria. The House of Representatives established it by the CBN Act of 1958 and it commenced operations on 1st of July, 1959.

Obviously, it is not a surprise that the Central Bank of Nigeria makes our list of the top ten highest paying bank in Nigeria.

3. Guarantee Trust Bank, GTB

GTbank is one of the most popular banks in Nigeria. In fact, many would argue that it is the best bank in Nigeria at the moment in terms of their condition of services.

It is also one of the best when it comes to the salary structure of their workers i.e. how much they pay their workers monthly.

It was founded in 1980 and thus far, it has several branches in Nigeria and across Africa. its headquarters is at Victoria Island Lagos State.

GTBank Salary Structure has one of the best payment structure in Nigeria. Check on our post on the Salary Structure of GTBank, to get detailed information on how much their staff are paid.

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4. Zenith Bank

Zenith Bank plc is a leading multinational financial service provider based in Nigeria. Its headquarter is at Lagos.

Founded by Jim Ovia in May 1990. the bank became a public limited company in June 2004.

This bank has been in existence for over 28 years. It has more than five hundred branches across the country.

With a total Net Asset of over ₦4.7 Trillion, Zenith bank is rated as one of the largest banks in Nigeria.

Check on our article, ‘Zenith Bank Salary Structure‘ to know the distinct amount the staff of this bank earn for different positions.

Image of Zenith Bank headquarters

5. UBA Bank

UBA Bank United Bank for Africa Plc is a Nigerian pan-African financial services group founded in 1948 and headquartered in Lagos.

It has subsidiaries in 20 African countries and offices in London, Paris and New York. The Central Bank of Nigeria listed it as a commercial bank.

UBA Bank is on our list of top highest paying banks in Nigeria. Based on our research on the article, ‘UBA Bank Salary Structure‘, the bank pays well in comparison to some other banks.

6. EcoBank

Ecobank, whose official name is Ecobank Transnational Inc is a pan-African banking conglomerate, with banking operations in 36 African countries.

It was founded in 1989 and has its headquarters at Lagos State.

EcoBank makes the list of top 10 banks in Nigeria that pays the highest salaries.

To see how much each staff occupying different position of the bank earns, then see our post on EcoBank Salary Structure.

7. First Bank Of Nigeria

Just as the name suggests, ‘First’ Bank is the oldest bank in Nigeria. it was created way back before Nigeria got her independence — in 1894.

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The bank which is still in existence as one of the best banks in Nigeria goes to show that it is being managed well and that it is why it is still standing tall.

It is not a surprise that First BAnk makes our list of top ten paying banks.

Get more detailed information on the Salary Structure of First bank from our previous article.


It was first established as City Securities Ltd in 1977. First City Merchant Bank got licensed in 1982, becoming the first local bank in Nigeria to be established without government support.

Name change from First City Merchant Bank to First City Monument Bank in 2001, following FCMB’s transformation to a universal bank.

The bank has its headquarters at Lagos State. FCMB makes this list. To see the different amount they pay their different workers, check our post on FCMB Salary Structure.

9. Union Bank

Union Bank of Nigeria Plc is a commercial bank in Nigeria. The Bank is one of the oldest banks in Nigeria.

It was founded in 1917 and has its headquarters in Lagos State. Union Bank is the ninth bank on this list.

Kindly check on our post, ‘Union Bank Salary Structure’ to get details on their monthly salary.

Logo of Union Bank of Nigeria

10. Fidelity Bank

Fidelity Bank PLC is a commercial bank in Nigeria. The Central Bank of Nigeria licensed it as a commercial bank with international authorization.

It was founded in 1988 and its headquarters is at Lagos State, Nigeria.

Fidelity is the tenth bank on this list of top 10 highest paying banks in Nigeria. To check how much each staff from different department gets, check our post on Fidelity Bank Salary Structure.

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