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Glo Tiktok data bundles and activation code

Tiktok and GLO are on a run to making their users smile with their cheap social media data packages. Glo offers a data bundle that powers Tiktok, where streaming, downloading and browsing the entire of Tiktok is possible. Tiktok data bundles are great for Tiktokers.

Glo Tiktok data bundle comes with daily, weekly and monthly data package duration combined with other social networks like Facebook and whatsApp.

Tiktok data plan subscription code

To subscribe for Tiktok daily or monthly data bundle simply dail *777# to get started.

Follow the steps below subscribe for a Tiktok Glo social bundle:

  1. Dail *777# to get started
  2. Navigate to Social bundles under Buy data option
  3. Select Single Bundle > then choose Tiktok (It comes with Daily, weekly, monthly bundle duration)
    tiktok data plan
  4. For Glo Tiktok monthly, select N100 = 125MB 30Days (option 3)
  5. For Glo Tiktok weekly plan, select N50 = 50MB 7Days and for 1Day Tiktok, select option 1.

tiktok data bundles

Checkout the full list of Glo social bundles for Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. Share if you find this interesting and always check back for up-to-date data plans in Nigeria.

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