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9mobile data sharing codes and procedures

9mobile supports sharing of your active data plans to another same network subscriber.Your 9mobile active data bundles can be shared to upto 4 other 9mobile users/subscribers using their special USSD code.

Sharing or gifting data plan on 9mobile is simple and straight forward using their USSD code *229#. Learn how to activate and start sharing your 9mobile data bundle plans today.

How to share data on 9mobile

To get started in sharing your 9mobile data plans, you must have an active working data bundle.

The 9mobile night data plans can not be shared.

To share your active 9mobile data bundle, simply dial *229*PIN*DATA_AMOUNT*RECEIVER_NUMBER#.

PIN: This is your unique 9mobile data sharing personal identification number and should not be shared with others (confidencial). The default 9mobile data sharing PIN is 0000.

DATA AMOUNT: is the amount of data in MB you want to share to your desired 9mobile number.

RECEIVER NUMBER: is any desired 9mobile active subscriber (not other networks, but only 9mobile users).

Example, Let say our PIN is 0000 (default), if 09091234567 is the 9mobile number you want to share 50MB to, then dail *229*0000*300*0901234567#

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Where, PIN is your personal four digit secret code used to authorize transfers. Learn how to get a new 9mobile data sharing PIN below:

How to change 9mobile data transfer PIN

The default data transfer PIN is 0000 and you can change it by dialing *247*0000*New Pin#.

The maximum data
you can send at once is 50MB and
you can send it for a maximum of 5 times daily
bringing it to 250MB
while the minimum is 10MB.

You must have a minimum data balance of 100MB to be able to use data transfer service.

How to gift 9mobile data data plans

The gifting feature is different from the 9mobile data sharing/transfer feature, but we’ll be discussing how to also gift 9mobile data bundles to your loved ones.

You can send data as a gift to your friends and loved ones on 9mobile.

To send data as a gift on 9mobile, dial the associated data code, 229, with the bundle you want to send and add the person’s number before the #.

For example, the code for 200MB subscription is *229*2*10# so to gift someone the 200MB data, you need to dial *229*2*10*Recipient’s Phone Number#.

9mobile data transfer & gifting reviews

Useful questions asked by our audience are brought here for the general public consumption.

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How many subscribers can i share my data plan with?

You can share to as many subscribers on the 9mobile network as long as you have at least 100MB available at the time of transfer.

How many data can i transfer per subscriber?

You can transfer a maximum of 50MB per single transaction of data transfer and as many times as you like.

What is my Gifting limit?

9mobile has no limit to gift data plans to loved ones and families. You have the whole limit of gifting as many subscribers as you wish so long as your credit balance can afford the plans intended.

Can i ungift data or cancel a gifted data bundle?

No. Ones you have transacted the data gifting, it can’t be undone, so run with caution while gifting 9mobile data.

Can i cancel a transfered data?

No. You can not undo a data transfer on 9mobile. Ones a data is transfered, it can not be reversed.

Hope this guide on how to transfer 9mobile data plans was helpful. Find any challenge transfering your data plans, please indicate in the comment section below, we can help.

Please share with interested 9moble users are well. Thanks

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