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How to check Glo data balance – 3 simple ways

Glo is one among the leading providers of internet access in Nigeria. It has various ways to please its customers by providing various means of accessing data balance, with also a added security.

How to check Glo data balance

Checking Glo data balance can be achieved in 3 easy ways. One can access their data bundle information through SMS, USSD and interestingly online.

Below are the 3 simple ways to check Glo data balance:

Check Glo data balance using USSD

Checking your Glo data balance is much easier, faster and better with USSD code. To check Glo data balance using USSD, dail *127*0#

That method is as easy as abc, but some persons still go through the long process.

The other method of checking your data balance is by dailing *777# then select 1 [buy data] > the follow the rest instructions to get your data balance displayed both live and SMS follows short after, still carrying what you already saw.

Check Glo data balance Online

Checking your data balance requires you have an internet enabled device and the SIM you are requesting to check the data must be with you.

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To begin, visit hsi.glo.com from your browser then you’re done.

Note: Without data you can’t access the hsi.glo.com portal. If you are able to access the portal but can’t find anything relating to data balance measurement section, then you must have been shared data from another Glo subscriber.

Check Glo data using SMS

Before now to check glo data balance using this means(SMS), simply send DATA to 127. But now it seems no to be walking as expected.

Therefore, using USSD wouldn’t cause any headache

With the list of the ways we can check Glo data balance at our convinience, we will take USSD as the most preferred and easiest way to check Glo data balance. Using *127*0#

There is simply no assurance of checking glo data balance using their online Self care portal, as it is not secure to visit.

PS: if you are on a hotspot network from a Glo subscriber, entering hsi.glo.com(which is their self-care portal), you are going to see the user’s (the glo subscriber hotspoting your device) data balnce and other useful informations, like Mobile number, which data plan he or she is on and which is active. Furthermore you can also share anyone through that means as well.

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