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Codes to borrow credit on 9mobile, Airtel, Glo & MTN Network in Nigeria

Borrow is a feature that allows network subscribers get credit for calls to pay later. With the this feature, one can collect credit to use for emergency calls, data subscription purchases and sharing.

In this article, we’ll discuss all the methods on how-to borrow credit on MTN Nigeria network, Glo Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria & 9mobile networks.

In Nigeria, we have 4 major telecom networks, although there are 5 others like vodafone, Econet, Vmobile, e.t.c. all having their borrow me credit codes to help its customers borrow talk time and pay later.

This 4 major networks offers the borrow me credit feature but in different names. We will be focusing on MTN, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile since there are major(most used) telecom networks in the Nigeria.

Borrow credit USSD code

There methods to borrow credit like through SMS commands, USSD or through network mobile apps, but we’ve arrangemd how to borrow credit using USSD for all networks in Nigeria.

MTN Nigeria borrow credit code

MTN code to borrow credit is *606#

Glo Nigeria borrow credit code

Glo code to borrow credit is *321#

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Airtel Nigeria borrow credit code

Airtel code to borrow credit is *500#. The Airtel USSD code to initiate a borro me credit, talk time is free to use.

9mobile borrow credit code

9mobile code to borrow credit is *665#

The codes to borrow credit on all these networks can be used to borrow data as well, but in this guide we are only looking at how to borrow credt.

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