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Best 10 Free Instagram Followers apps for Android & iPhones

We’ve made a list of best 10 free Instagram followers app to help you increase your Instagram followers and engagement. There are android and iPhone apps that gives free Instagram followers by just you registering and consenting. We’ve gathered the list of best android apps that you can use to get free instagram followers.

Some Instagram follower adder apps offers, 1000+ free instagram followers, other apps offer free 5000+ Instagram legit followers and some even offer unlimited legit followers but not at ones, while you complete and engage in tasks and surveys to earn the free instagram followers credits.

10 Best Free Instagram Followers Apps

We update our list of best 10 free instagram followers apps every week to get the best. We make extreme research by getting feedback from users of this apps. Freebrowsingeeks social media team also goes to the device platform, software downloading portal like Google play store for Android devices and App store for iPhone users to see reviews, comments and ratings by initial users of these Instagram followers apps.

Best 10 Free Instagram Followers Apps for Android

If you are an Android user, we’ve made a legt list of Best Free Instagram Followers android apps for you. All you need to do is download the apps from the Google play store, register and start gaining free instagram followers as you link your Instagram account with them.
The list of best Free Instagram Followers apps for android are:
  1. Get Followers for Instagram Likes for Instagram
  2. 1000 – Followers & Likes for instagram by tags
  3. Famoid Instagram Followers
  4. Get Followers for Instagram Likes for Instagram
  5. Followers for instagram likes+
  6. Real Followers & Likes for Instagram from Ins Tags
  7. Super Followers Avatar for Instagram to Boom Likes
  8. Fast Followers Pro & Likes by Posts
  9. Real Followers for instagram : taghash
  10. 10k Followers – followers & likes for instagram

We’ll be explaining and reviewing this free instagram followers android apps on how there get to be on our list.

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1. insta followers & likes for insTagRam

free instagram followers appWith the “insta followers & likes for insTagRam” android app, you can Gain Followers, Views, Likes for instagram free of charge.


Here is what this app offers:

  1. Helps gain free legit instragram followers
  2. Helps get instagram views
  3. Helps get instagram likes/love
Visit the Google play store get the insta followers & likes for insTagRam android app to start getting followers.

2. 1000 – Followers & Likes for instagram by tags:

This app is the coolest where it provides instagram account users to be exposed to thousand of free followers by a simple trick of involving their posts on trending hashtags and contents automatically.
Lets hear what the developers of 1000 – Followers & Likes for instagram by tags has to say about the free instagram followes android app:

Are you Looking for your photos or videos Wants more likes and followers?

Hashtags for Instagram – Automated Hashtags contains popular hashtags for promotion, to get more likes and subscriptions. Add best hashtags for more likes to your captions, photos and posts on social networks and promote them.

Yeah! It is what it is 😎
To get started with the free instagram followers app, use the google play store link below.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jltec.jkltags

3. Famoid Instagram Followers

free instagram followers
Unfortunately, the Famoid Instagram free followers doesn’t have an app for android, yet we found it interesting to list it here because it’s very legit and safe to get free 25 followers of instagram daily within 1 – 3 hours duation.
The Famoid Instagram Followers is a web services powered by the Famoid tech company. Get started with Famoid Instagram free Followers.

4. Get Followers for Instagram Likes for Instagram:

free instagram followers appsThis the best android apps that provides free instagram followers for instagram likes and sales. This app is centered on using high quality videos and captions to gain legit (organic instagram followers) instagram followers for free.
You must definitely love this android for getting instagram likes and followers. It also has premium features it offers to burst high volume instagram real users followers.
Please, always watchout for the images of instagram followers apps on the google play store as some can look similar.
Now, no need to search, the one good app you are looking for is here. We provide excellent photo editors and captions to enhance your posts, photos, videos, reels, and stories, with this amazing tool, you can get more incredible ig likes that u can’t even imagine.
Visit Google play store to download the Get Followers for Instagram Likes for Instagram android app.
Learn How-to Grow your Instagram followers upto 100k
We’ve written extensively on how to grow an instagram account without using burster apps or bot-instagram-accounts.

5. Followers for instagram likes+:

instagram followers appsThe android app called Followers for instagram has ben used by more than 10,000 instagram account promoters today. They can testify of the efficiency of the app to give legit instagram followers.
With this app, you have access to your legit new instagram followers that can like and view your instagram stories, posts and videos or even products if you sell on instagram.
Get the Followers for instagram likes+ android app on the Google play store to start gaining unlimited instagram followers and likes.

6. Real Followers & Likes for Instagram from Ins Tags:

free instagram followers apps
This android app offers you materials you should be using to increase your instagram followers.
While downloading, please watchout for Real Followers & Likes for Instagram from Ins Tags android logo 👇🏿
See what “Real Followers & Likes for Instagram from Ins Tags” for  has to say about theirselves on their Google play page:
The Quotes is an app that help you grow your followers base. There are more than 10,000 quotes and more than 30 categories. 💓Grow fast your Instagram Followers that follow you in your profile and get more hearts even more easy.
Get the Real Followers & Likes for Instagram from Ins Tags android app to increase your Instagram followers on the Google play store here.

7. Super Followers Avatar for Instagram to Boom Likes:

free instagram followersThis android instagram followers app is unique and fast in seeing the result as of time of testing. With the powerful followers photo tools, you can grow your followers quickly. Create your own profile avatars. Grow fast your Instagram Followers that follow you in your profile and get more hearts even more easy.
Get started with Super Followers Avatar for Instagram to Boom Likes by downloading from the Google play store.

8. Fast Followers Pro & Likes by Posts:

This is an ingredible android app to get Instagram legit followers, likes and views, but it’s not free. Hear from the developers of the Fast Followrs Pro & Likes:
Do you want to be a social media phenomenon? Do you want thousands of likes for your posts? Download our app and easily become a social media phenomenon.
You can get for free to start gaining followers with the Fast Followers Pro & Likes,  but along the line, you have to pay for followers to keep enjoying the android app.

9. Real Followers for instagram: taghash

This instagram follower app claims to help your instagram account get more likes and followers on Instagram with their magic profile maker, allows you to get discovered quickly boost your profile views and engagement and real likes followers.

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The Real Followers for instagram : taghash android app for free instagram followers is recommended as it effortlessly create eye catching images and share shaped images with Instagram friends.

Get started with this app by downloading and using it today.

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tag3.hashtag3

10. 10K Followers – followers & likes for Instagram

This is the last free instagram followers android app on our list, but not the list. We promised to keep this page up-to-date for legit and sure ways to gain instagram followers to increase likes, views and sales.
As the name of the android apps says, 10k Followers, it’s not a new thing. This followers are mixed with legit (organic) and bot instagram accounts.
Get started with us the 10k Followers android app to gain instagram followers today.

Best 10 Free Instagram Followers Apps for iPhones (iOS)

There tens of iPhone applications that claims to burst instagram followers or give free followers and likes and views, but here is the truth. Most the followers the instagram followers apps gives are not legit (that’s bot instagram accounts).
With the above best list of android apps for free instragram followers, you can get also for iPhones.
We’ve selected aa good list of iOS apps that offers free instagram followers, either for free, paid or both. Here are the list of top iOS apps with free instagram followers giving:
  1. Get Followers for Instagram IG
  2. Followers+ for Instagram’
  3. Get Likes+ for Instagram Moji
  4. Rocket Followers
  5. Followers +, For Instagram
  6. InPlan: Get Followers & Likes
  7. IG Followers + Boost Tags Plus
  8. Still Followers for Instagram
Most the iPhone apps that offers free instagram followers services are fake, please take note. This ones listed here have been verified and tested, but yet, if you find any issues with any one, please notify the team for direct review and removal.
iPhone apps for free instagram followers, likes and views are not what there claim to be. We went through a list of 45+ instagram followers apps, but came out with out 8 which we suggests may work for you.
Free instagram followers apps reviews & recommendations
There are thousands of fake IG followers fake app that fake you of your account details, cash and time. Please it’s recommended you download apps and scripts from legit sources.
Use our recommended apps to get legit and free instagram followers.
Drop comments on which free instagram followers app worked for you either on android or iOS device.
Share if you find this information useful.

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