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Airtel Nigeria cheapest data bundles and subscription codes

Airtel Nigeria has very cheap data plans available, but it’s not common. Today i’ll be showing you how to activate the airtel ₦200 for 1GB data plan and other cheap airtel nigeria data bundles.

Among the Cheapest new data plans plans released recently  by Airtel, the Airtel 200 for 1GB is the best. Not to long ago, Airtel released its secret data plans meant for some special subscribers.

The plan was secretly introduced, no much details about eligibility or not, if you’ve got Airtel SIM, you can always try it out. Follow the below steps to check eligibility status and read through this article for the activation processes on your Airtel SIM both old and new.

This airtel new cheapest data plans is very fast even on 2G networks.

Airtel is one among the best Network in Nigeria, with a wide range of coverage. There provide very cheapest/affordable data plans from just 50 Naira to even more interesting data packages like the N500 data plan.

With Airtel cheapest data plans you can make purchases of data from as low as N100 worth 250MB or even more.

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This is an important note: Airtel Nigeria has set this latest Plan to work the only 2G networks, be it the Airtel 3GB for 200naira or the 250MB for 100naira. That is, if your phone is using 5G, 4G, 3G network, you must have to manually change your network type to fit the 2G network. Learn how to activate Airtel free 3GB data using Airtel MyTV app.

The major advantage of having multiple telecommunication Networks in a country is the competition it brings. Telecommunication networks aim at outdoing each other. They tend to keep introducing new plans, that compete with the plans their peers offer.

Airtel Nigeria 1GB data plan for ₦200

The Airtel latest New Data Bundles Plans offers 3GB For N500 and 1GB For N200. Probably, later on, this year, one can pay just one thousand to browse the internet unlimited for one full month, nonstop.

In this era of expensive data, Subscribers tend to drift towards telecommunication networks that offer cheaper data. In a bid to remain on top of their game, Airtel has released another extremely cheap internet plan, that meets the needs of many.

Airtel NG 1GB For ₦200 activation code

  1. Recharge Your Airtel Line with 200 Naira Airtime
  2. Dial *141*205#
  3. Enjoy your 1GB of Instagram data
This data plan is said
to be used only on Instagram,
but you can use it any where like youtube,
facebook and
other internet activities as well.

This data has a duration of 24 hours only of which the Data doesn’t rollover. You will need to make another subscription the next day. Apart from this 1GB Instagram plan, Airtel also has a cheaper Instagram plan, which also has a duration of 24 hours.

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Airtel Nigeria 250MB data plan for ₦100

The Airtel N100 data for 250MB is a bit economical, yet it serves well. With 250MB worth of data, you can browse the internet for a resonable amount of time. You can subscribe for the Airtel 100naira cheap data plan by simply dialing *141*105# then press 1 to confirm your subscribe and turn off auto renewal.

Airtel NG 250MB for ₦100 activation code

  1. Recharge Your Airtel Line with 100 Naira Airtime
  2. Dial *141*105#
  3. Go ahead to surf Instagram for the day, using your acquired 250MB

Airtel Nigeria 3GB data plan for ₦500

The Airtel 3GB for N500 data plan is good enough to let you watch youtube videos, chats and other high data consuming internet activities. 3GB can last you for about a week.

Subscription code for the Airtel NG 3GB data plan for ₦500

You can activate Airtel 3GB for N500 by dialing 482# and choose the 3GB plan, or dial 482*2# that is all. And note that, the validity period is just 25 days!

The Plan is really cheap and affordable. It is a new plan from our Airtel Nigeria and it works on the device. But note that, it is a Night Plan but works both day and night.

How to Switch to Airtel NG 2G Network: Activating the Airtel 3GB data plan for ₦500

Now, switch your phone’s network type to 2G. All you have to do is to manually go to your:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select the More tab
  3. Enter Mobile networks
  4. Enter the Preferred network type tab and then select a 2G network.
That is all about the switching from other network type to 2G network. Turn on your mobile data and start browsing the internet, but remainber it only last for a day and it doesn’t automatically renews.

Airtel Nigeria is planning on bringing a much better competition than Glo Nigeria. Airtel shook the internet with its latest Data Bundles by introducing more amazing but cheap data plan and their activation codes. This is Airtel 2G Plan remember.

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How to Opt-out of 2G Data Plan on Airtel

If you are no longer interested in running any Airtel 2G data plans, then you can opt out of their service with this simple code, by dialing 4824#.

It is very simple and short to opt-out or cancel all Airtel 2G data plans on your line. Below are the step by steps guide on how to opt-out of this Airtel Plans.

  • Open dailer and dial *482*4#
  • Wait to receive an invalid request message, but Don’t worry
  • Now Reply with *
  • Next reply with 3.
  • Ok, You will now receive something like this “You have canceled your 2g data subscription

We believe this information on How To Activate Airtel’s cheap data plans like the N200 for 1GB, 3GB for N500 and 100 naira for 250MB has been useful to you.

Feel free to share with friends who are also using Airtel and want cheap data plans to keep them always online at very low cost.

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